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Full-text searching
BM25 ranking alone is so old-school, that is why we offer a proprietary phrase proximity scoring algorithm that works together with the BM25 ranker. Partial matches are also supported with custom, dynamically calculated scores.
Sentiment Analysis
When searching by relevancy is not enough anymore, we offer our world-class sentiment analysis plugin, that enables you to search and sort results by polarity of opinions. At this time, libraries for English and Finnish languages are available.
Keyword suggestions
Pickmybrain can automatically suggest better search terms, if the provided keywords seem to be mistyped. This feature is based on the double metaphone phonetic algorithm.
Integrated PDF-support
PDFs are the today's number one choice for easily accessible written content on multiple platforms. Forget about messing with third-party PDF libraries - we provide you an integrated and hassle-free solution for indexing your PDF-documents.
Easy installation
Forget about console commands, Pickmybrain does not need to be installed as separate package and that is why you can use it even in shared hosting environments. If your web server supports PHP + MYSQL and you know how to CHMOD some files, you are good to go! The setup also provides information on situations that require your attention.
Powerful API
Our Application Programming Interface allows you to implement the search feature in any way you wish. Select the right sorting mode, amount of results and field weightning dynamically while searching. See the API documentation here.
Control Panel
Pickmybrain comes with a web-based control panel that provides in-depth information for every one of the 20+ settings. Say no to editing text-based configuration files! See demo here.
Built-in web crawler
We feel that in some cases indexing the whole website with a web crawler provides better results than resorting to a normal database-fed index compilation. This feature enables users also to index external data. With the sentiment analysis plugin, users can easily gather and analyze lots of data from any source they desire.
Local/Remote indexing
Why not have both? To start indexing your website, just type in your URL address and choose whether pickmybrain should index through localhost. You can, of course, start indexing anything or everything that is on the Internet!
Smart indexer
The built-in web crawler minimizes the amount of useless keywords. This ensures maximal amount of relevant results and minimal amount of false positives.
Automatic index updates
The search index can be rigged to update automatically during search queries. Also, a more periodic approach can be used by running the indexer through CRON.
Web pages can be categorized by embedded HTML attributes or URL keywords. Searching can then be limited to these predefined categories.
Selective indexing
Global settings for domains, subdomains and nofollow-attributes are available. User has also the ability to choose which pages to index by filtering them with predefined keywords.
Query logging
By logging search traffic users can constantly learn from their visitors and thus improve their service.