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Pickmybrain is a full-featured search engine featuring compressed inverted index architecture. Pickmybrain is implemented with PHP and uses MySQL as its database solution ensuring first-class performance and simplicity. Download now   (version 1.011)

Full-text searching

BM25 ranking alone is so old-school, that is why PMB offers a proprietary phrase proximity scoring algorithm that works together with the BM25 ranker. Partial matches are also supported with custom, dynamically calculated scores.

Sentiment Analysis

When searching by relevance is not enough anymore, PMB offers a word-class sentiment analysis plugin, which allows you to search and sort results by polarity of opinions. Learn more here.

Integrated PDF support

PDFs are the today's number one choice for easily accessible written content on multiple platforms. Forget about messing with third-party PDF libraries - PMB provides you an integrated and hassle-free solution for indexing your PDF-documents.

Easy installation

Forget about console commands, Pickmybrain does not need to be installed as separate package and that is why you can use it even in shared hosting environments. If your web server supports PHP + MYSQL (or equivalent) and you know how to CHMOD some files, you are good to go!

Powerful API

PMB's Application Programming Interface allows you to implement the search feature in any way you wish. Select the right sorting mode, amount of results and field weightning dynamically while searching. See the API documentation here.

Control panel

Fine-tune everything as you want! Pickmybrain comes with a web-based control panel that provides in-depth information for every one of the 20+ settings. See demo here.

See All Features See search demo

Why PickMyBrain

Pickmybrain is a search engine designed for indexing databases and websites. PHP's PDO abstraction layer enables indexing of 12 different databases and thanks to PMB's web crawler indexing web pages is also possible.

Easy everything

If you are looking for a straightforward approach to implement a search feature for your database or website, look no further. Pickmybrain is easily installable even with the most rudimentary skills. The web-based control panel provides information and tips if something needs your attention.

Index millions of documents

Pickmybrain offers excellent performance even on big search indexes, thanks to compressed inverted index architecture.

Advanced features

Pickmybrain allows you to fine-tune every indexing-related setting and therefore optimize the search engine for your individual needs.

Data analytics

Combine the free search engine with the sentiment analysis plugin and use it as a data analytics tool for comparing opinions over multiple domains.

It's free!

Last but not least, because Pickmybrain is open-source and licensed under GPLv3, it's free to use!


Recommended configuration:
PHP 7 (x86 supported, x64 recommended)
MySQL >= 5.6 ( or a database that supports similar SQL syntax and table structures )

Minimum requirements:
PHP >= 5.3 (x86 supported, x64 recommended)
MySQL >= 5.1 ( or a database that supports similar SQL syntax and table structures )


Pickmybrain is licensed under GPLv3, which means you're free to download, modify and use it for your own purposes. If you wish to redistribute or sell the program code wholly or partially, please include the source code and the provided license as this is required by the GPLv3. Under no circumstances are you allowed to change or remove the provided GPLv3 license or forbid third-party members from redistributing the code that you yourself have modified and/or distributed, even if it is only a small part the program you are distributing. If this does not work for you, please contact me for commercial licensing. The GPLv3 license is fully explained here.

Current version: 1.011 release (05.05.2021)Download

If you are interested in changelog or developing Pickmybrain, check out the developer blog.

Pickmybrain is also on Github.


Sentiment analysis

Have you ever felt the need to sort results by opinions? The sentiment analysis feature offers rapid data mining on big data-sets with good accuracy. The analysis is based on a mixture of aspect-based and document-level scoring. The result is always dynamically calculated and provides the best possible insight for the provided keywords.

This feature can also be used as a stand-alone library.

As of 24th May 2017 sentiment analysis is included with Pickmybrain - It is free!

Relevant links:

General info about sentiment analysis and FAQ
Sentiment analysis plugin installation instructions

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